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We Provide Leak Detection in Staunton, VA

Trust Us for Expert Leak Detection & Repairs

A leak in your pool wastes water and can eventually make your pool unusable. Our team at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas offers superior leak detection in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA for in-ground and above ground pools. We specialize in difficult leak detection, as well as underwater pool leak repairs. Our goal is to find and repair leaks as quickly as possible, so you and your family can go back to enjoying your pool!

Review the Importance of Regular Leak Detection

Regularly inspecting your pool for leaks will make sure that existing leaks don’t get worse, and you have early warning of leaks and other damage. The sooner you catch a leak, the more money you’ll end up saving, as you won’t waste as much water. Ripped or torn pool liners, cracked shells, loose fittings, and issues with the pool’s plumbing system can all cause leaks. Catching a leak early enough can:

Watch for Signs of Pool Leaks

Depending on the temperature and season, some water loss from a pool is normal due to evaporation and splashing. Huge amounts of water loss indicate pool damage or pool leaks. If you see any of these warning signs of a leaking pool, call us right away:
We use a thorough, detailed procedure to check for pool leaks, and we recommend that you do your own visual inspection at the start of each season, as well. When you call us for swimming pool leak detection and repair, we’ll quickly locate the source and cause of your leak and find the fastest and most effective solution for repairing it.

Review Our Leak Detection Methods

We specialize in electronic leak detection, which allows us to quickly and easily find and repair leaks without causing any further damage to the pool. Our expertise, combined with our sophisticated electronic leak detection equipment, can assess the most vulnerable areas of the pool and find the exact location of the leak. We are sometimes able to detect and repair leaks without needing to remove the water from the pool, but most of the time it is necessary to drain the pool and refill it after the leak is repaired. Our equipment allows us to electronically map your pool’s lining or walls, fixtures, and plumbing system to pinpoint cracks, tears, or holes causing water loss. We can find leaks inside or outside the pool.

We Offer Underwater Leak Repairs

In addition to electronic leak detection, we also offer underwater leak repairs. We recommend this method if there are obvious signs of a leak, and other leak detection methods have failed. We have a Master scuba diver on staff who can quickly locate and repair leaks using advanced techniques and decades of expertise. Our dive tech will be onsite to investigate the readings of the electronic leak detection equipment, inspect the pool’s interior fittings, and assess the condition and health of your pool liner. He can also repair your pool’s leaks in that same appointment.

Schedule a Consultation for Pool Leak Detection

If you suspect you have an in-ground pool leak or above ground pool leak in Staunton, VA, contact us today at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas for leak detection and repair. We’ll use our advanced leak detection techniques to locate the leak and evaluate the extent of the damage. We can then find a fast, easy solution to repair the leak. Call us today or contact us online to get started.