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We Offer RicoRock® in Staunton, VA

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When you want a beautiful rock waterfall or rock formation to enhance your custom pool design, you should turn to RicoRock®. RicoRock® is the leading designer and manufacturer of durable, high-quality, and incredibly natural looking artificial rocks. At Blue Ridge Pools and Spas, we’re proud to partner with RicoRock® in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA so that we can bring their beautiful products to light in our custom pool designs. 

Discover How RicoRock® is Used in Custom Pool Design

Our pool designers can use RicoRock® anywhere in your custom pool design. We recommend RicoRock® for artificial rock waterfalls, boulders, and coping products in pools and ponds. We incorporate masonry work in the installation of RicoRock® so that the features last for decades, are durable, and are safe to climb on. We can also use RicoRock® for contemporary waterfall designs, so that instead of looking like rock, they look like natural stone, granite, quartz, or marble. RicoRock®’s Quarry Block series makes it easy to design and install modern, contemporary sculptural and architectural accents for your pool and spa. We can even incorporate waterfalls into these accents. 

Explore the Benefits of RicoRock® for In-Ground Pool Design

RicoRock® artificial rocks and structures are so popular because they are innovative, customizable, durable, and unique. We can use their products to bring almost any kind of custom pool design to life and make it into a living, breathing outdoor space. Take a look at the benefits of incorporating artificial rocks, waterfalls, and architectural features into your custom pool design:

Learn About Care and Maintenance of RicoRock®

When you care for and maintain your RicoRock® artificial rock features, you can significantly extend their lifespan. The proper care and maintenance also ensure that the features stay secure, safe, and attractive. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your RicoRock® features:

Take a Look at What’s Possible With RicoRock®

We can use RicoRock® to bring almost any artificial rock design to life. We specialize in creating these artificial rock features with RicoRock®:
Edge rocks
Edging rocks can draw the eye to the pool and create a natural-looking border around all or part of the pool deck. Your in-ground pool can be transformed into a natural paradise by using artificial rocks to create a unique experience and eye-catching design. These rocks can also prevent flooding, create a fun interactive experience, act as seating, and serve as a fun way to disguise pool lights and speakers.
Pool grottos can also create a dramatic, luxury vibe around the pool. Installing a RicoRock® grotto will enhance the appearance and ambience of your pool, while also giving you the tranquility of a waterfall and significantly upgrading your pool’s value. Like edge rocks, grottos can also add texture to your pool design and create a hiding spot for lighting and speakers.
We love using RicoRock® to create unique, stunning cascading waterfalls. These waterfalls are relaxing and therapeutic and will encourage you to use your pool more often. We use a combination of artificial rock and recirculating water pumps so that you conserve water and minimize evaporation. Our RicoRock® waterfalls are an easy, cost-effective way to give your pool a makeover, improve its ambience, and increase the resale value of your home.
We can use RicoRock®’s Quarry Block series to create attractive poolside benches that have the appearance of natural stone. We can incorporate water features into the benches as well for added ambience. 
Architectural features
We can also use RicoRock®’s Quarry Blocks to create unique architectural features around your pool. We can incorporate water features into the stone blocks.

Schedule a Consultation for RicoRock® Custom Pool Design

Call us at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas today if you’re ready to schedule a consultation for custom pool design with RicoRock® in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA. We’ll come to your home and evaluate your space, and then discuss your goals, ideas, and plans for using RicoRock® artificial rock features. We’ll draw up designs and discuss how we can implement them into your existing pool design. We can also help with care, maintenance, and repairs of RicoRock® artificial rock features.