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We Install & Design Spas in Staunton, VA

Invest in a Custom Spa in Staunton, VA

More people than ever before are investing in custom spa installation. There is increasing evidence that spas and hot tubs have therapeutic benefits, even for healthy people. At Blue Ridge Pools and Spas, we have decades of experience in designing and installing custom spas in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA. When you work with our pool builders and pool designers, you’ll have an amazing experience from start to finish.

Explore the Benefits of Installing a Spa

Installing a custom spa in your home offers benefits to the whole family. A custom spa can also increase the value of your home, should you plan to sell in the future. Look at some of the benefits you can enjoy with custom spa design and spa installation:

Learn About the Health Benefits of Spas and Hot Tubs

In addition to social benefits, installing a spa or hot tub also offers health benefits. There have been numerous medical and scientific studies on the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs and spas. Physical therapists and physicians have long recommended spa therapy for a variety of different conditions and symptoms, from stress to rehabilitation after injury or surgery. Here’s a look at some of the symptoms and conditions that therapeutic spas and hot tubs have evidence of alleviating:

Discover Our Options for Custom Spa Design

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Strong Spas. Strong Spas are one of the leading manufacturers of custom spas in the US. Each of their spas is thoughtfully and intelligently designed for the customers’ space and needs. They offer a variety of different spa designs and features, so it’s easy to find the perfect size, style, and type of spa for your needs and lifestyle. Strong Spas prides themselves on industry-leading innovation, and each spa is handcrafted and assembled in the US. Not only are their spas high-quality and durable, but they are also innovative and revolutionary.

Understand the Different Types of Spas for Homes

A hot tub is typically above ground but can also be installed in-ground. Hot tubs are usually used for therapy, relaxation, or recreation, and can accommodate multiple people. A spa is a broader term that refers to either above ground or in-ground structures that offer health benefits. You might see the terms used interchangeably, as they do have a lot in common. Here’s a look at the different types of spas you can install in your home:
Portable hot tub
Portable or prefabricated hot tubs are the most common type found in homes. They are above ground hot tubs that can be moved to a new home with you. You have your choice of a wide variety of sizes, features, and materials with custom prefabricated hot tub design. You can also install a spa deck around the exterior for added features.
In-ground hot tub
In-ground spas and hot tubs are also very popular, especially as an extension of a swimming pool. An in-ground hot tub installation will add value to your home and can be enjoyed for decades with the proper care and maintenance. Custom in-ground spas also offer a lot of options for design and features. 
A swim-spa is a combination of a swimming pool on one side, and an attached hot tub on the other. These are typically prefabricated, custom designs. You can enjoy the benefits of both swimming and soaking. 
Molded spa
Molded hot tubs and molded spas are less expensive than other options. You don’t get very much variance in features or options for customization, however. They are relatively inexpensive to install but require more upkeep and aren’t as energy efficient as other types of spas and hot tubs. 
Wooden hot tub
Wooden hot tubs are above ground hot tubs that used to be a lot more popular. People primarily use them now when they want to use an alternative heating source, like a gas spa heater or wood-fire spa heater. They aren’t as good at retaining heat, and so they’re less energy efficient.
Inflatable hot tub
Inflatable hot tubs are the least expensive choice, but they aren’t very durable or practical. When you consider how expensive they are versus how long they last, they don’t offer a very good return on your investment. They can only be used outside in moderate temperatures and need to be deflated and stored when not in use, and during the winter. They also don’t have many customization options, and don’t have real water jets. 

Request an Estimate for Custom Spa Design in Staunton, VA

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation for a custom spa design in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA, call us today at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas. We’ll send a member of our team to your home to evaluate your space, go over your goals and desires, and give you an estimate for the cost of spa installation. We’re also happy to go over all of the benefits of installing a hot tub or spa in your home. To learn more or schedule a consultation, just call us today or contact us online to request an estimate.