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We Provide Pool Covers in Staunton, VA

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While you might not think about your pool cover very often, it plays an extremely important role in your pool’s life. A quality, custom pool cover can protect your pool from damage when it’s not in use. The right pool cover will keep your pool clean, keep critters and pests out, and extend the lifespan of your pool. At Blue Ridge Pools and Spas, we know you want to be able to use your pool whenever you can, and so we offer high-quality, durable custom pool covers in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle, VA.

Do You Need a New Pool Cover?

As soon as you notice warning signs that your pool cover is damaged or isn’t functioning properly, you should contact us. Here’s a look at the early warning signs that you should invest in a new pool cover for your above ground pool or in-ground pool:

Benefits of a Quality, Custom Pool Cover

While you can purchase quality pool covers in a variety of sizes, there are a lot of benefits of investing in a custom pool cover that can be specifically designed to the size and shape of your pool and spa. These benefits include:

Review When You Should Use Pool Covers

You should use in-ground or above ground pool covers whenever the pool isn’t in use. However, most pool owners don’t want to go through the hassle of putting the pool cover on every time they aren’t using their pool. That’s why some pool owners opt for automatic safety covers. These can be controlled with the push of a button or a remote, so they are easy to open and close. We recommend our customers use their custom in-ground or above ground pool covers at these times:

Types of Pool Covers We Offer

We are proud to be a trusted dealer of Loop Loc winter pool covers. Loop Loc makes custom pool covers for all needs, environments, and situations. Here’s a look at some of their most popular types of pool covers:
Pool Safety Covers
The Safety Pool Covers offered by Loop Loc are strong, durable, and high-quality to protect you and your family. These pool covers are available in Super Dense Mesh, Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh, Ultra-Loc III Solid, On-Ground, and Commercial Covers. These pool covers are strong enough to support the weight of an elephant! They are available for in-ground pools and above ground pools.
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Why Choose Blue Ridge Pools and Spas for Pool Covers

You can trust our team at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas for all your pool service needs. We work closely with each customer to make sure that they get the exact services and supplies they need to keep their pool safe, beautiful, and comfortable. If you need a custom in-ground or above ground pool cover, we’ll make sure it fits precisely for optimal protection. We will also give you care and maintenance tips that will extend the lifespan of your pool cover. If your pool cover is ever damaged, we can provide expert repairs. Make sure your pool stays safe, clean, and protected any time you aren’t using it by investing in a custom pool cover.

In-Ground Pool Covers vs. Above Ground Pool Covers

There are differences between in-ground pool covers and above ground pool covers. Both offer the same level of protection and function the same way, but they are constructed differently and fit differently. You can occasionally use an in-ground pool cover on an above ground pool and vice versa, but only if the pool cover is large and tarp-like. Custom pool covers need to be specifically measured and designed for the size, shape, and type of pool you have.

Call Us to Learn About Our Custom Pool Covers

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom pool covers in Rockbridge, Rockingham, Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle VA, call us today at Blue Ridge Pools and Spas. Our team will do an in-home consultation to measure your pool and discuss your needs. We’ll then go over your options for colors, patterns, and materials so you can pick a pool cover that enhances your poolside ambience. To get started, give us a call today or contact us online and request an estimate for the cost of a custom pool cover.